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Cool Handle Hosting

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#15 Cool Handle Hosting Rating for Cool Handle Hosting
Ranked #15 of 36
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Read user reviews and comments
Read user reviews and comments
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Cool Handle Hosting Reviews

by on at 9:33 AM CDT
I've used different web hosting companies throughout the years and I would like to warn anybody about a Coolhandle policy to not refund ANY amount of money for any reason after the initial 30 days trial.
Do not sign up for an extended time contract if you're not absolutely sure that you intend to stay with them no matter what.

As for their services, they are OK. Not stellar. I much prefer Just Host as they are quicker in their response and overall much more customer friendly.
by on at 4:15 AM CST
When it comes to coolhandle, they are the best, never have i had the great experiences that i've had over the last past year, like i have i had with them. They are reliable, reasonable, fast and friendly, and that is all i ask for. They complete all my hosting needs. Thanks CoolHandle!
by on at 9:41 PM CST
Want every one to know that Cool Handle Hosting is a great place
to have your sites hosted, there support is great, and willing to
help with all your your hosting questions.
Affordable, reliable web hosting services
by on at 5:45 AM CDT
I have used Coolhandle webhosting for my websites for some time now. I have tried a lot of other hosting company's for my web space, sites and domain names but the loading of my pages were always extremely slow and the service was very poor. So I was looking for a new web hosting company and my friends told me about Coolhandle.

Since then I never want to change my Hosting to a other company again!
I am so happy and feel very lucky that my friens told me about Coolhandle. This tip was the best in years, since then my websites are stable and give me the best performance ever!. Also a professional and expert Helpdesk with excellent response time.

Thank you, thank you Coolhandle that you came in my life !!!

Warm Regards,

J.A. Hels-Hansen
by on at 8:55 PM CDT
I switched from dedicated hosting to Cool Handle's shared JomSocial hosting. I have a very complex JomSocial website as well as about 5 other websites. I have been with four other shared hosting companies and I have to say Cool Handle wins my vote hands down in every area.

It was an easy and effortless switch over. The websites worked without any problems as did the databases. My support tickets to switch them over were answered immediately. They were clear with the timeframe it would take for the websites to be online and they kept in communication with me during the entire process.

The thing that I am most impressed with is that the staff know what they are doing. When I ask a question, I get the right answer.

They are the cheapest hosting I could find on the net for Jomsocial hosting. I got 2 years of hosting with Cool Handle for the same price I was paying for only one month of dedicated hosting. I have to say it worried me initially because Cool Handles prices were so cheap, but I have been online now for over a month and haven't had any downtime or any problems. I am finding my sites are loading quicker than they did on my dedicated server and all of the functions and components that were made specifically for my website work great.

I couldn't be happier with their service, prices and knowledge and highly recommend them.
by on at 7:57 PM CDT
It's a very excellent webhoster.During the time I have used CoolHandle Web Hosting's service I have found them to be reliable, efficient, affordable and they have provided excellent support and customer service.

I have been very happy with this Web Hosting Company and would highly recommend them to anyone requiring a fast, efficient and reliable business partner.

I paid it only for $1/year,and they hava a good customer support when i have some questions.
by on at 10:23 PM CST
Enjoyed a year now without any complaints. Purchased by a promo code for $22.90 year ago, including the domain (with domain privacy). Great price! The current price of $4.95/mo. also not too bad. I like their CPanel – everything is simple, convenient and functional.
Visit the official Cool Handle Hosting website
Visit Official Site Visit Official Cool Handle Hosting Site
Users like this host
Bottom Line
Users like this host. Visit the official Cool Handle Hosting website for more information.

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