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Read user reviews and comments
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by on at 11:43 AM CDT
AVOID THIS COMPANY. They make it very difficult to cancel services. NO customer service, all they care about is billing your credit card. ADVICE: cancel your credit card!
by on at 4:24 PM CST
A warning about Go My old business site domain was set up by If you ever consider setting up a business domain, avoid this company like the plague. Cancellation of accounts is an absolute nightmare. First, you have to request special forms to cancel. I filled all the forms out and verified everything with a driver's license and business license as required. Over a month ago, I received a notification that they had received my info and the account had been cancelled. Today I found out that this company only cancelled one aspect of my account, the protection services, and they were getting ready to charge my credit card for another year of costs, even though I had requested cancellation of my ENTIRE account. I called via phone and was given a non-English speaker to deal with my situation. I requested to speak with his supervisor, and he REFUSED to transfer me. After a heated discussion, he relented, and the matter was finally (I hope) resolved by the supervisor. This company is not straightforward with its cancellation policies and in my opinion takes part in very "shady" business practices to retain customers and continue to charge them for services. Bottom line: charges an individual as much as possible for as long as possible, and makes the cancellation process extremely complicated so that customers will give up in utter frustration. Horrible company; unethical business practices.
by on at 1:55 AM CST
I called godaddy tonight as i was searching for a domain and hosting for my site. i had never bought hosting or a domain before so rather than jump in head first i thought i should call and ask some questions so i could make a better informed choice on the package i wanted and needed. The representative i spoke to was nice enough...however i did ask him numerous times in different ways the same questions. This was so i was absolutely sure i had gotten the best possible answer. After a discussion of what it was i needed from a website, what i'd use it for and some features i wanted we agreed on the package i bought. I log into my account to start building my site and find out that something was way off. I had none of the options i had specified i would need. So i called back godaddy hoping to resolve this issue and basically was told that i spoke to the wrong person, he didn't know what he was talking about and my then only option was to either keep a site i paid for that i had no use of or cancel my account and domain. They did refund my money however i felt they could have done more. I mean it seemed wrong to me that i was mislead by their sales rep and yet they couldn't make it right?

Long story short go elsewhere. I didn't personally feel as though they really cared about my concern or that i was upset with the service i received. I think more could have been done to rectify this however they chose not to. Do yourself a favor and don't go through them. There are plenty more webhosting services out there. You might pay a bit more but in the long run if the company makes you feel like you matter than a few dollars more is worth it in my book.
by on at 3:44 PM CDT
This company has no concern for business is the business world. If you are an online company using google or some other non proffessional browser then you match thier appetite. They design around Chrome. If you use Explorer look elswhere. If you want only email, they only offer webmail which is free anywhere execpt with this company, they charge for substandard webmail that is corroded with spam, spoofing, and hack attacks. I am stuck with them since they own my email address. I cannot stand the customer service, whos only solution is to not use Explorer which is not an option as you know if your in the Business world who only uses Microsoft products.
by on at 5:15 PM CDT
I got a domain 13 months ago and it has never worked right. It goes to someone else and for some reason or another they can't seem to get it fixed. I have had business cards made up with my domains on them. I have worked for the company for 13 months and no sales and this is the reason. I just wish they would get it fixed.
by on at 8:46 PM CDT
I bought three domains and Go Daddy "easy to use" web-builder" last week.
I've have been able to logon only once since then. Their site cannot be found by Safari. And even then I spent hours navigating their site before getting to their "easy to use" web-builder". It is clumsy, complicated, hopelessly inflexible and useless.

I couldn't even access their feedback page to register my concern and request a refund - it has been unable to found by Safari. I haven't been able to get back into the web-builder since. Don't believe their sales pitch, its completely the opposite. I feel as though I've been scammed by Go Daddy!
by on at 6:11 AM CDT
I have used Go Daddy for over ten years with no problems until now. I purchased a domain ten years ago and for some stupid reason I checked the privacy box for domains by proxy to be the information listed under who is. I decided I no longer want it and tried to get Go Daddy to remove it. They referred me to Domains by Proxy and they asked me for my user ID and password? I of course can't remember what I used 10 years ago so I clicked the forgot button. I received no email, So I filled out their form to change my email and received this email telling me they needed a photocopy of my DL and business papers for my "company" I have no company and no papers. So there was another form to sign and send them that I have no company. They sent me a "log in ID." I tried that but it says it's invalid. I called Go Daddy's tech help and they said that they can't help me do anything but fill out the forms, since I am past the form filling there was nothing they could do to remove it from my service with them. I said hey, I bought this through you so I want it removed and they said Oh, you didn't read the Terms of Agreement that you agreed to with our service? Apparently there's something in there that they can't remove the stuff they sell. So I'm figuring the only way to remove it is to switch my domains to a new host company. Imagine that. I figure if they refuse to help a customer of over ten years by giving the excuse of "it's in the terms of agreement you signed," then they aren't really concerned about their customers. My thought is the Terms of Agreement should be with Domains By Proxy and it should be if we sell your product we should also be able to remove it. My terms are that they just lost a good paying customer of over 10 years with over 20 domains.
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Users like this host. Visit the official GoDaddy website for more information.

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