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Read user reviews and comments
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This host is not recommended by our users. Stick with a top rated host like Just Host or iPage Hosting.

Network Solutions Reviews

by on at 11:47 AM CST
Run, do not walk! My websites were deleted after I paid! I am not sure if the timings got crossed up or not; but anyway, both of the sites were gone, and I was told that there was no way to recover them. I would have to start all over! After the tactic of being passed from one department to another, they finally informed me that their web builder tool, NEO, makes no provision for site recovery. I have been with them a long time and suffered through several other issues, and notice that service continues to get worse and worse. Since I have to rebuild my websites from "scratch", I am going with another hosting company.
by on at 1:55 PM CST
Yes do not choose them, unless you want your site be down every other day. I been with them for many years but since they became this say everything. I am waiting for a week to the site to upload. They are going to put us out of business and they do not care. Don't make the mistake we did.
We have no site for a week, they deleted the database to the site and they can't relocated, they are missing 1000 products on our site and they don't know how to retrieve it. Please take advise from expert pay a little bit more but sleep better at night.
by on at 11:18 AM CDT
They are the worst. RUN DO NOT WALK AND GET AWAY FROM THEM OR DO NOT START WITH THEM. horrible customer service, long wait times. their service is always down,crashing, difficult to sign on to . the worst. I have moved all already and so much happier.
by on at 12:14 PM CDT
I only use Network Solutions for my email service. Their site is constantly crashing. It seems that every time I send an email, the screen freezes. It isn't enough to refresh it, I have to logout and logon again. A complete waste of time. This has been going on since I started with them about a year ago. I am now looking for a different service.
by on at 10:43 AM CST
I've been with Network Solutions for 10 years and will be cancelling my web hosting service as soon as I find a new one. The web builder tool they provide with web hosting does not work. It's a simple as that. I click on the "publish website" button and it does not publish. This problem is 100% on their end. I stopped being able to publish changes to my website about a month ago and the only solution they have is for me to run a 4 year old version of firefox or 3 year old version of internet explorer. The tech help at Network Solutions used to be wonderful, now it is horrible with long waits on hold to speak with reps who have no technical knowledge at all.
by on at 2:38 PM CST
Do not choose Network Solutions! Whatever value they may have had in the past, it has been lost. Their "tech support" has become a relentless run around designed to force you to give up and give in to purchasing add on services that should rightly be included in the hosting. The endless automated menus, the unholy "on hold" waits with the irritating music, and constant transferring to further "support" folk who echo whatever you were just told by the last person...which you'll hear often enough to convince you that you are being subjected to nothing other than scripted responses. These programmed drone responses are further efforts to encourage you to cease any issue discussion in favor of purchasing more services. They repeatedly told me, over the period of nearly a month, that my issue of inaccessible pages was with my site and not with their hosting. They said it so many times that I did agree to pay their Mytime support to look into it. I was given a money back guarantee, if they could not address the problem. Mytime contacted me the next day with:

"While we appreciate your interest in the MyTime Support service, we are unable to complete your request:
• Our hosting is experiencing intermittent errors with PHP websites. We are currently working for a resolution.
As a result, we will place the time on hold for you to use at a later date."

So, they couldn't deal with anything, laid the blame at the doorstep of the hosting dept. ( which I had suspected and argued the whole time ) and, rather than refund my money, were going to grant me the honor of using it later. I had to go through yet another frustrating step simply to have my promised refund actually happen. The final kick to the teeth, which proves that this business doesn't care to even put forth the effort to understand the difficulties one of their clients might be experiencing, was the set of follow up calls. One left a voice mail so garbled that the name and number were unrecognizable and the other claimed to be a supervisor asking if my email account issues had been resolved. There was never so much as a mention of any issue with the email accounts during the entire debacle!
by on at 7:58 PM CDT
I agree I would not recommend them. They are dishonest and unethical in their practices. They released a domain name to an individual not entitled to it and attempted to cover up their wrong doings with a run around of legal jargon. A court order was issued to close the company down and it was, yet this individual claimed he was the President of a non-existant company and they released it him without confirmation of the court order. This was after they were informed of the court order and the Judge's statement he would decide on the matter in the near future.

They got their bad reputation honestly, that is by providing bad service without a honest work value.
Users do not like this host
Bottom Line
This host is not recommended by our users. Stick with a top rated host like Just Host or iPage Hosting.

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